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  • 30 April 2014 News

    Éric Maurincomme, Director oh the INSA of Lyon becomes the President of the INSA Group

    At the last board meeting, Éric Maurincomme, Director of the INSA of Lyon was named President of the INSA Group. He succeeds Didier Marquis, Director of the INSA of Toulouse, President of the INSA Group since 2011.

    "Over the last three years, the INSA Group has grown in a number of areas: training, international, partner relations, and it has therefore cushioned its notoriety," stated Didier Marquis.

    "From year to year, the schools of the INSA Group are benefiting from the the undeniable passion of the group of students who are INSA applicants, a number that has grown by more than 40% in 5 years," added Didier Marquis.

    Now Éric Maurincomme will take on the presidency of the INSA Group over the next two years. "It’s important to disseminate the INSA model throughout the country and beyond. Together we’re stronger and we are pursuing our common ambitions," states Éric Maurincomme.

    "Firstly, regarding the training model, by recruiting bachelor’s degree holders for the most part and supporting them over five years in their personal and professional development, while welcoming and placing value on the diversity of student profiles.
    Regarding the INSA’s expertise with respect to the transfer and application of research advances for the benefit of companies.
    On a development project on an international scale, with the creation of a Euro-Mediterranean INSA in Morocco," concludes Éric Maurincomme, president of the INSA Group.