Paris, September 2nd, 2019 - The Assembly of Directors of the INSA Group has appointed Bertrand Raquet, Director of INSA Toulouse, President of the INSA Group, as of the first of September 2019 for a period of 2 years. He succeeds to Éric Maurincomme, director of INSA Lyon who, after 8 years at the head of the school, is returning to industry.


As President of the INSA Group, Éric Maurincomme breathed new life into the Group from the start. He displays his ambition to develop the attractiveness of the INSA model among partners and candidates - 35,000 applied to join a school of the INSA Group this year - and leads the INSA Group to launch several joint and innovative actions:

  • the creation of the INSA Foundation in order to develop partnerships with businesses;
  • the Gaston Berger Institute to guarantee, plan and promote the INSA model;
  • Open INSA, an inter-establishment service for educational innovation and online training.

Eric Maurincomme’s mandate also aimed for a greater international openness and strengthening of the INSA brand, which takes into account the diversity and ambitions of the Group.

Emblematically, he sets up, at INSA Lyon, a prospective approach to imagine and prepare for the future of the INSA model in 2040.

This approach will be extended, by his successor, to the INSA Group level : "Today we have to respond to the new paradigm: to train scientific executives, engineers and doctors, at the service of sustainable growth. For this, our INSAs must become transformation institutes , our research and our training must integrate the challenges of economic, social, environmental and digital transitions. Our training, our staff as well as the organization of the INSA Group must  be transformed in order to implement this ambition, "says Bertrand Raquet.

The INSA Group is therefore deploying a new agile and transversal organization at the service of its campuses. Each INSA director will be a Group's vice-president in charge of a key development issue:

  • Digital transformation
  • Societal transformation
  • Energy, climate and sustainable development transformation
  • International transformations
  • Learning transformation
  • Research and business relations
  • Foresight and site policy

This new organization reflects the desire to build at the INSA Group level, within the INSAs and with the INSA associated schools, a learning community, rich in its diversity, both creative and creator of values ​​for a sustainable and better shared world. It will be nourished by the work of the committees made up of actors from INSA and INSA associated schools.

Bertrand Raquet

Director of INSA Toulouse since 2015. He holds an engineering degree (1992) and a doctorate in solid-state physics from INSA Toulouse (1996). Bertrand Raquet was a university professor and director of the schools physics engineering department. From 2013 to 2015, he was in charge of research and development at INSA Toulouse while pursuing his research activities at the National Laboratory of Intense Magnetic Fields (LNCMI) in the field of electronic properties of nano-objects of interest in microelectronics. He was Vice President for Research of the INSA Group since 2015.

Focus on the INSA Group


  • 6 establishments in France: Center-Val de Loire, Lyon, Rennes, Rouen Normandie, Strasbourg, Toulouse (+ 1 in the process of creation: INSA Hauts-de- France, resulting from the transformation of ENSIAME in Valenciennes, associated school)
  • 1 establishment in Morocco: INSA Euro-Méditerranée in Fez.
  • 6 associated schools: ENSCMu in Mulhouse, ENSIL-ENSCI in Limoges, ENSISA in Mulhouse, ESITech in Rouen, ISIS in Castres, Sup'EnR-UPVD in Perpignan.
  • 16,852 students
  • 33% scholarship recipients
  • 31% of girls
  • 20% of international students
  • 125 different nationalities
  • 200 university partners around the world
  • 55 research laboratories
  • 1,275 doctoral students
  • 89,300 alumni

Press contact:

Véronique Desruelles, communications director: 06 80 58 47 72