A unique education model at all levels

The INSAs offer BSC-Eng, integrated 5-yr MSc-Eng. Programs (the French “Diplôme d’Ingénieur”), MSc programs, post-graduate degree programs and PhD opportunities. Admission at all levels is based on academic selection. INSA degrees enjoy an excellent reputation among recruiters worldwide.
Students acquire a broad multi-disciplinary background in science, technology and engineering. Innovative teaching methods foster development of in-depth knowledge and know-how based on learner autonomy. Foreign languages and social sciences complete the curriculum, based on a student-centered pedagogy.

Highly skilled, INSA graduates have learned to be proactive, creative and entrepreneurial. Fully aware of a fast-evolving and globalized world, they are well prepared to play their role as socially responsible professionals and agents of change.

Gaston Berger


Gaston Berger, philosopher and co-founder of INSA in 1957


Today, the INSA Group ensures the respect of values that are driving factors of the INSA model and reputation, through the Gaston Berger Institute with the support of the INSA Group Foundation.

An INSA degree, a gateway to a successful career


Since their creation, the INSAs have nurtured close links with companies ranging in size from fledgling start-ups and SMEs to major global corporations. Our industrial partners make invaluable contributions to curriculum quality and collaborate further with INSAs via R&D contracts.

The INSA degrees open the door to successful careers in a wide range of fields covering all science and technology sectors in industry and research. INSA graduates’ excellent employability record is confirmed by official surveys conducted during accreditation audits, and also by rankings conducted by the French media.