13 higher education institutions in France 


INSA schools are well recognized in national and international rankings. 

Schools of choice

The INSA schools are the first five choices for French engineering candidates in 2020, the schools being: 

  • INSA Lyon
  • INSA Toulouse
  • INSA Rennes
  • INSA Strasbourg
  • INSA Rouen-Normandie 

Our schools are regularly selected amongst the best Engineering schools in France by Le Figaro 

Shanghai ARWU

  • As a whole, the INSA Group would stand #22 ARWU in Mechanical engineering, according to SIRIS Academic 2019.
  • In Mathematics INSA Lyon ranks 76-100 and INSA Toulouse 101-150.
  • In Mechanical engineering INSA Lyon is the top French Grande École and ranks 51-75, INSA Hauts-de France (ex ENSIAME/UVHC) ranks 201-300.
  • In Biotechnology, INSA Toulouse ranks 201-300, the top French Grande École in this subject. 



  • INSA Hauts-de-France (ex ENSIAME) in the top 10 of French Transportation engineering schools. Read Le Figaro.

Sustainable development 

  • The INSA Group is a proud member of the ECIU European university, a challenge-based project to address societal issues.
  • INSA Lyon stands amongst the 200 best universities in the world for their positive impact on society with an emphasis on "Clean and affordable energies" and "Sustainable cities and communities" . Read the article on The Times Higher Education

Student life

  • Toulouse #1, Lyon#2, Rennes#3 and Strasbourg#8 are ranking at the top 10 of the best student cities in France in 2019 and 2020. Read the article 


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