During this unprecedented crisis linked to Covid-19, the INSA Group has been, for several months already, strongly mobilized to ensure the safety of its students and staff, the educational, technical and administrative continuity in its various campus and all our teams responded tremendously to this state of emergency.


This global crisis is forcing us to change, especially in terms of international mobility and in the short term, the impact for the next academic year is a real challenge faced by all institutions in France and around the world.

International openness has always been a priority since the creation of the first INSA, and today more than 27% of international students are welcomed from the 1st year on our campuses. Likewise, international mobility is compulsory for our students.

Facing the complexity of a situation that is still very uncertain for the next academic year, the INSA Group is increasing its initiatives and scenarios in order to be able to offer all French and international students the most suitable teaching format adapted to the programs, breeding grounds and their specificities. A close work with our partners has begun. Thus, several webinars will be organized to support international students in their orientations and choices. The OpenINSA service is more than ever requested to support teachers in the development of distant education.

Welcoming non-European international students who are first-time arrivals, requires our full attention to ensure a first reception, face-to-face or remotely, which reassures them during this transition phase and which is, for them, a guarantee of success and integration into their new track.

Facing the diversity of the audiences concerned (Europeans, non-Europeans, exchange or double-degree students, international courses, etc.), the INSA Group works on a great diversity of existing solutions as well as new modules. Thus, to compensate for the lack of student mobility in the first semester, a module on interculturality is being developed. These reflections also nurture the European university ECIU project in terms of virtual mobility.

The INSA community is strongly committed to face the challenges of France's attractiveness and the French model of engineering training. Flexibility, adaptability and agility as well as the robustness of the models offered are essential in this uncertain context. Last but not least, the success of all our students remains our top priority.

The INSA Group is part of a hybridization format strategy that must be a source of innovation and positive transformation in the short, medium and the long term. This encourages us even more to share our experiences, pool our resources to better project ourselves into the future and finally participate in the prospective approach which is dear to us.


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