Since 1957, the INSA education model has designed the engineering sciences with a humanist ambition and a prospective philosophy. Rich, deep and evolving, this model was designed to be continuously questioned and adapted to meet contemporary issues and society’s needs.

Interfacing the academic and economic spheres, the INSA Foundation, created in November 2018, has the mission of disseminating this humanist and responsible model.

Through its actions, the INSA Foundation encourages and supports diversity in higher education and the world of work, improves the quality of life on campus, supports student success, supports community life, civic engagement and the implementation of innovative projects as well as entrepreneurship.

Social and environmental impact of industries and services, scientific challenges, digital transformations, organizational changes ... Companies, institutions and administrations are constantly confronted with new challenges for which there are no solutions or key answers in hand. The foundation intervenes to connect schools, students and businesses.

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